We help your organisation soar to new heights!
We help your organisation soar to new heights!
IT & Network Support
Our experts can assist your organisation with networking, computer troubleshooting, Operating System and application support, and many other technical issues. We can help you whether you have an existing system or are starting from scratch.
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IT Integration
Our IT skills can be integrated with all the other services we provide. We can provide server/cloud servers through website design and hosting to continuous, regular support of the entire infrastructure.
IT Support
Web Services
Our web team has years of experience creating modern websites. We use the latest Responsive designs to provide an optimal user experience across multiple platforms. You expect your doctor to keep up with the latest knowledge in his field -- expect nothing less from your web department.
Website Best Practices
It isn't enough to have a "pretty" website that simply looks good. A site must be effective and suited to the goals of the organisation. We make sure to keep up with the "best practices" for website design and usage, making sure the sites we create are more than just a "pretty face".
Social Media Support
Our team includes highly-regarded social media experts who can provide you with skills and knowledge to greatly improve the impact social media has on your organisation. We offer consulting services to help your organisation with social media.
Social Media Integration
Although we offer website and social media services separately, often these two are more effective when utilized together. In this case, the sum is indeed greater than the sum of the parts. Websites and Social Media each have their strengths. We can help you maximise them for each platform.
Security Support
Every day we hear more about computer hackers breaking into systems, hijackers holding data files for ransom, identity theft, and other criminal acts that didn't exist just a few years ago. As hackers get more sophisticated, every organisation needs to have a plan and systems in place to fight back.
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It's not enough to harden your systems against attack. Organisations need to train their staff to avoid risky behaviors. Regular off-site backups should be taken in case data recovery is required. We can assist with every step of a preventative security strategy.
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Social Conscience

Omonix is proud to be the IT and web provider for organizations that are at the forefront of social activism.

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Known for their direct action campaigns to save ocean wildlife, Omonix (as Union Roth Capital) handles the full slate of services, from web design/hosting, servers, fundraising support, IT technical support, electronics on their ships, and much more.

Wikileaks Party Austrlia
Wikileaks Party Australia
IT services to the Wikileaks Party in Australia which strives to hold governments accountable to the people. Omonix provides web and IT services for this high profile client.

Omonix staff members have accumulated decades of experience working with non-profit organizations (NGOs) and is sensitive to the specific issues and problems that non-profits face.